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Jewelry is part of everyday attire for lots of people, yet many do not know simple advanced ways to cater for their jewels. If you love wearing catholic religious jewelry, below are few things to bear in mind:

Take Off the Jewels before Work:

Whenever you want to do some form of work, take off the jewelry to avoid damage or contact with chemicals. Examples of such work include gardening, kitchen works, house cleaning and other common works or tasks.

Wear Jewelry after makeup:

Lots of makeup essentials may have a damaging effect on religious jewelry. Therefore endeavor to apply your lotions, perfumes, cosmetics, hairspray, etc. before wearing your jewelry for the safety of the jewelry.

Avoid Wearing Jewelry in Spa and Swimming Pool

Catholic Religious Jewelry may go through color changes as well as structural changes when exposed to chlorinated water such as found in swimming pool. To be on the safer side, take off your jewelry before entering a swimming pool or spa. Take Off Jewelry before Sports For the safety of both the wearer of jewelry and the jewelry itself, it's best to take off jewelry before taking part in any sports activity. This is because hard collisions may damage the jewelry as well as injure the wearer. Cleaning Of Jewelry For jewelry to be good looking and clean, a regular cleaning effort is required from the owner.

Below are few tips that assist:

1. Do not go into the bathroom with your jewelry.

2. To get the best cleaning result, use jewelry polishing clothes to clean the jewelry.

Jewelry Cleaning With Care:

1. Clean the jewelry with clean, warm water.

2. Avoid the cleaning of damaged jewelry

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