Catholica Shop is importer, wholesaler, and retailer of Catholic fashion, jewelry and gifts. Our products have earned a reputation for quality, excellence and price that few can rival. Whenever you buy from us you are getting authentic, high quality crafted rosaries, bracelets, Catholic gifts and jewelry available in the market.

We have an extensive experience designing and sourcing Catholic merchandise in different parts of the world: Brazil, Italy, Mexico, and India. We also proud ourselves to assemble a great part of our line in the US. We take pride in every product we offer and we are passionate about helping people to grow in their faith and connect with God. Our merchandise is made by Catholics with love and devotion.

Handcrafting adds to our products touch of traditional quality that creates important difference especially nowadays when market is flooded with low-cost artificial products. 

We offer a large variety of Catholic Solid Wood Gifts made in Brazil.

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