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4 Things To Know About Buying Religious Jewelry

It is no secret that humans have been expressing themselves through all sorts of fashion for thousands of years. In the modern age, a sense of style is very important, even more so that before. However, the role of the things we wear has changed a bit as it no longer distinguishes between social class. Of course, it is still possible to tell by the look and the presence of somebody who they are particularly if they have an iconic piece of fashion on them. Many professions come with uniforms and certain tools or accessories that distinguish them from everything else. But what about jewelry?

Jewelry in the sense of accessories we wear has been a dominant trait from the earliest days of modern civilizations. There are numerous types of jewelry and the reasons to wear them, too many to name in a single article. For the purposes of this text we will focus solely on the religious type and talk about the most important things worth knowing. Religious rings, bracelets, rings, and anything else that can be considered artistic and stylish will never really go out of fashion. This type of jewelry is quite popular even now so let is talk more about it and in greater depth. Keep reading for additional information and be sure to check out Blink& to shop some amazing pieces.

1. It is not just for the religious

You do not have to be a very religious person to wear this type of jewelry for it to make sense. There is a great deal of beauty in this world and a lot of amazing thing people make. It would be a shame and a waste if only those who know and care deeply for it are the ones who could or should own it. As a matter of fact, countless people who do not consider themselves overly religious wear crosses and other religious symbols in the form of necklaces, rings, broches, and bracelets. If it looks good on you and if you like how it complements your style, it does not matter if you do not go to church every Sunday. It also barely batters if you have never read the bible or if your knowledge of Christianity if less than average. Religion comes in different ways to different people and we show our faith in quite a few ways. As long as you are a good human being, it matters little how religious you are in the grand scheme of things. Therefore, wear that jewelry piece if you like it and do not worry about it.

2. You can wear symbols of other religions

You probably know that every religion has its own set of symbols and icons. Christianity has crosses and crucifixes, Islam has stars and crescent moons, Buddhism has the Buddha and Dharmashkara, Judaism has the Star of David, and so on. In the world of fashion and jewelry pieces, your own religion does not matter that much and you are not forbidden to wear something that represents other religion. On the contrary, showing respect, interest, and care for something you were not born into is a sign of understanding, intellect, and strength. Being able to adopt other traditions, cultures, and faiths and recognize the good in them is not something everyone can do. This is why it is perfectly fine for a Christian to wear a Yin-Yang as it symbolizes peace and serenity despite not being of Christian origin. Buddha pendants and charms are something many people have despite their other religions. The importance and meaning of some of the most popular religious symbols transcendent their mother religion, so wearing jewelry inspired by them is quite popular in the globalized world we now live in.

3. Precious metals and other materials

Not all jewelry has to be precious and cost a lot of money. As mentioned earlier, religious accessories are for everyone and so it religion. Inner peace, respect for others, and showing care and understanding for the world are some of the traits all religions share. None of them really puts materialism forward. Even if someone has more than others, they are usually encouraged to share their wealth and help those less fortunate. For these and other reasons, it can be argued that religious jewelry makes more sense if it is subtle and modest instead of shiny and expensive. Statement pieces make more sense if they do not have ties with religion, evident with designer watches and gold chains. It is true that religious leaders of many religion sometimes wear very elaborate jewelry. That should however not be confused with commercial pieces we talk about here. It is a part of their traditional attire and not really their property. When buying your own religious piece, what is symbolizes and means is of greater importance than its precious nature and the price attached to it.

4. Do not overdo it

Last but not least, you have to remember that less is more in terms of accessories no matter what type it is and what it symbolizes. There is no need to cover yourself in religious symbols from head to toes. It cannot look good and compliment your style of clothing if it dominates the look. There are certain unwritten rules of wearing jewelry that state that if you wear multiple pieces they should all be subtle. Thinner necklaces and bracelets are a recommendation if you also want a couple of rings on your fingers. Add in some earrings and you already have four different pieces on you. That can and will be too much unless you know how to pair it. It goes without saying that it should match in terms of color and material especially if you want to look your absolute best, but it does not have to be exactly the same. Bracelets and necklaces are usually easy to pair up. If you only wear the two, they can be bigger and more noticeable. The same goes for the earrings and rings, which are great for offsetting other jewelry with a religious symbol or two. Keep it simple and light if you want to turn heads while wearing religious pieces.