Jatoba Wood Rosary Beads Necklace With Cross 19 in.


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  • Solid Jatoba Wood Rosary - pack of 1 or 12 units
  • Large 2.5 inches cross
  • Large solid jatoba wood beads
  • Made in Brazil
  • A great gift for all ages
Solid Jatoba Wood Rosary Features:

Solid, Jatoba wood rosary beads with wooden cross. Handcrafted in Brazil by artisans with love and devotion. These Jatoba wooden beads and cross are naturally treated, and knots are tied sturdy. This rosary is extremely durable and will last a lifetime. Comes in black and Jatoba.

Decades Rosary Length: 19 inch (50 cm), Drop Length: 6 inch (15 cm), Wooden Cross Length: 2.5 inch (6.3 cm), Oval Wood Beads Size: 0.35 x 0.3 inch (9x8 mm)

Cross necklace that can be worn around the neck or used during Catholic prayer. Comfortable to wear every day. Let this rosary hang from your wrist as you feel God's alignment in each prayer counted.

A genuine Catholic rosary to gift anyone! Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, Easter Sunday, First Holy Communion and Father's Day. Both men and women can wear as a prayer beads necklace. Comes with prayer card.

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